13 October, 2010 22:15

Art of Watchmaking

TAG Heuer and Parsons The New School for Design announced the ‘Art of Watchmaking,’ a partnership that taps the creativity of Parsons product design students to reinterpret a legendary timepiece, the iconic Monaco Automatic Chronograph, while learning the intricacies of haute horology.


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The Challenges of Teaching Sustainability: The RCA’s Approach, by Clare Brass and Octavia Reeve

The Challenges of Teaching Sustainability: The RCA’s Approach, by Clare Brass and Octavia Reeve: ”


Rich Gilbert’s Energy Trumps, a creative tool to think about energy at the start of the design process. They provide a fast visual reference for embodied energy to facilitate easy comparison of materials.

It is normally taken for granted that economic growth is vital for maintaining economic health, but research has shown that wellbeing depends less on material goods than on our lifestyles. The New Economics Foundation in the UK publishes a global Happy Planet Index, which measures the combination of environmental impact and wellbeing, to quantify the environmental efficiency with which—country by country—people live long and happy lives.

So what can we as educators do to enhance those valuable skills that designers have and get them using those skills to redesign not only the products that we buy but also the lifestyles that we live and the systems that organise our lives, making them better for people? Design education needs to position itself in such a way that designers are trained to design good customer experiences with the lowest possible environmental impact.

We encourage our students to aim their designs at people not industry. We believe that designers can play a valuable role in the difficult but necessary process of changing consumer attitudes and values by articulating new desires and dreams.

Conventional design education trains designers to drive consumerism, which drives growth, and is the established way of achieving prosperity; like many art and design institutions the Royal College of Art is beginning to grapple with the apparent contradiction in the sustainability debate, and is looking for ways to encourage students to explore what this might mean in both their work and their future lives.


5 October, 2010 07:40

Volkswagen Releases New Midsize Sedan Renderings That Showcase Model’s Distinctive German Design

Volkswagen of America released three new renderings of its New Midsize Sedan (NMS), which will be produced at the company’s state-of-the-art assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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4 October, 2010 21:17

Recon-Zeal Transcend Goggles: GPS Goggles with Head-Mounted Display Available Now

Recon Instruments released Recon-Zeal Transcend Goggles with real-time GPS data viewable using a head-mounted display system.


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HOW TO ANIMATE A SPRING -1: “Quite many time people have been asking me as how I have done the spring animation or can we animate spring in SolidWorks. The answer is yes and here is the trick. I have used SW07 to show “How to Animate a Spring”.
1) Start a new part (can be either mm or inch).

2) RMB on […]”

How LEGO Revived Its Brand? – Article

How LEGO Revived Its Brand? – Article: ”

How LEGO Revived Its Brand?

In an excerpt from Design Is How It Works, former BusinessWeek staff writer Jay Greene explores Lego’s troubles and its comeback

Paal Smith-Meyer is waving a BusinessWeek article in front of me about LEGO’s resurgence. “The Brick is Back,” reads the headline, and …

Australian Design Alliance introduces a national design agenda – Newslog

Australian Design Alliance introduces a national design agenda – Newslog: ”

Australian Design Alliance introduces a national design agenda

Twelve peak organisations representing all aspects of Australia’s design industry and research network have launched the Australian Design Alliance [AdA] to boost Australia’s productivity, sustainability and innovation.

One hundred of Australia’s leading designers, …


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